About Us

Who we are & What we represent


Sabi is a widely used term in West Africa which means ‘know-how’ and it represents our competence to support humanitarian, development and business organizations and teams across Africa to achieve their goals. We want to bring world-class training and consulting services to the people and organizations who need it most. Our vision is to become Africa’s leading indigenous training & consulting organization that is creating impact through learning.


We work with organizations to develop need based training and consulting services that are contextualized to respond to needs. We believe in partnership and collaboration that allows us not just train but also leave behind tools and processes to help you replicate solutions in your organization.


Doing the great but difficult work of implementing projects complex development, humanitarian and business environments; managing project staff, stakeholders, writing proposals, carrying out in assessments, dealing with project finances, huge risks and measuring impact without the right tools or suitable frameworks or support. Across West Africa and beyond, we have seen hardworking local staff do great work with little capacity and support. With years of mentorship and learning from the best in the sector, Sabi’s team of experts is multiplying what it knows and increasing the power and competence of local teams and organizations so they can perform at their best.


Sabi Training & Consulting Limited is the local service provider for Humentum in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. This means that Sabi is authorized to deliver some of Humentum’s highly rated courses at the same quality but at a more affordable and localized approach. Humentum was formed in 2017 as the merger of MANGO UK, LINGOS and InsideNGOs.